There is no Law, there is no Money

There is no governing without consent.

The STRAWMAN is dead.

Let’s talk about an Affidavit.
An Affidavit is one of the most powerful legal documents there is. This is why lawyers don’t want you to use an Affidavit. An Affidavit is a legal tool by which the facts are established. It’s a “This is the way it is MonkeyBoy” Prove me wrong if you can and if you can’t then you have agreed to the content of the Affidavit by Default and you only have 28 days to prove me wrong. The clock starts ticking Tick Tock.

Once the 28 days have expired there is a formal agreement between the parties as to what the facts are. This is why the Affidavit is a most POWERFUL weapon. There is a legal and Binding agreement between the parties that can no longer be disputed. There can’t be any further arguments after the 28 days. An un-rebutted Affidavit is a formal Contract.
Serve that Affidavit to the 657 MP’s in Government (By Email) who have access to the best of the Best Lawyers, Barristers and Judges on the planet and it remains un-rebutted after 28 days THEN you have the most POWERFUL Affidavit of all time that kicks the Magna Carter out of the Ball Park.
Make no mistake. If you get the Affidavit wrong on any point and you are equally going to jail for 6570 Years for Fraud. This is why the Affidavit is so Powerful. DO you not think I knew this when I hit the Email Send button on 657 MP’s?? So don’t get your Affidavit WRONG.

FACTS. This 65 page Affidavit can be used by anybody at all because it is Published. 7 Billion People can use this 65 Page Affidavit in any country because the same condition is the same in every country.
So this 65 Page Affidavit can be used by anybody in any country as the foundation of a securitized Commercial Lien in any country.

Now that’s the TRUE power of the Affidavit and the pen. AND Email.
It was sent by Email to 657 MP’s. The POWER at your finger tips sat in your fat armchair.

Exhibit “C” in the Affidavit covers the Fact that a State is a Company no different to McDonalds and that the Judiciary is a sub office. So the Judge is not a Judge and he has no authority because he is the Company Janitor.
Now that’s a POWERFULL Affidavit. The Executive office has formally agreed that they are a Company no Different to McDonalds with a Company Janitor for a Judge….. With no authority.
Let that fact sink in for a while.
~Baron David Ward